Long term art thinking

As human we are short term thinkers all the way between birth and death.

In 2022 the Swedish government inspired long term thinking by a time line of 100 000 years for a final disposal of nuclear waste.
What about becoming a Long Term Art Thinker?

We want to go for that and start with a creative time line of 100 000 years back in time.
Be our guest to imagine that and take also the next step.




Our mission is unthinkable without our Climate Club™ as a nonprofit organisation for open minded Long Term Art Thinkers:
art managers and
art dealers who want to support ecological choices in the art process.

The Climate Club™ is communicating Good News and important experiences in the fields of art processes as well as events and calls which are corresponding to this profile.




Some tools for Long Term Art Thinkers.


Esse Est Percipi (To be is to be perceived). This idea of the Irish philosopher Berkeley was the inspiration and in 2012 the publishing house Percipi ™ was established.
One year later Percipi edited the first art book “The Last Stop” launched by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, the Irish Prime Minister. From the beginning Percipi published one book a year in a limited edition with no reprint.

  Percipi Arte Library  

The Last Stop

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 1
ISBN 978-91-980768-0-6

Catalan Earth

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 2
ISBN 978-91-980768-2-0


- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 3
ISBN 978-91-980768-3-7

The New Found Land

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 4
ISBN 978-91-980768-4-1

Dream Land

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 5
ISBN 978-91-980768-5-1

Floating Rocks

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 6
ISBN 978-91-980768-6-8


- art walks.

Percipi Arte Library N° 7
ISBN 978-91-980768-7-5

Lava Poetry I- Impact

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 8
ISBN 978-91-980768-8-2

Lava Poetry II- Flow

- an art experience.

Percipi Arte Library N° 9
ISBN 978-91-980768-9-9

Spring Spaces

- art walks.

Percipi Arte Library N° 10
ISBN 978-91-983734-0-0

Moby Dick

- a Ghost Story.

Percipi Arte Library N° 11
ISBN 978-91-983734-1-7

A Nordic Ecolabel for Art

Artistic expressions can be realised in different ways with different materials, tolls, logistics and energies.

There is always a choice as long as human fantasy and creativity are alive and not limited.

Ecologically motivated active choices make messages more trustworthy.

  A Nordic Ecolabel for Art  
  • <strong>Nordic Green Art ™</strong>

    Nordic Green Art ™

    The Nordic Ecolabel for Art

  • WHY


    You like to know if an art work is created with care for our planet and the environment.
    You want transparency and safety for your decisions.

    We will guide and support you.


    The nomination Nordic Green Art™ generates a status of responsibility and empathy for an art work based on the nordic ecological values.
  • Temporary


    Nordic Green Art™ is given to an art work, a concept or event, not to an artist, a company or an institution.

    The nomination is not for ever.
  • Global


    Nordic Green Art™ nominations are global.
    They promote worldwide nordic values as respect and care.
  • Related


    Nordic Green Art™ is not related to messages or expressions of an art work.

    It is related to active choices which the artist is making in the process.
  • Gala


    Nominations for Nordic Green Art™ will be announced by the Academy with a Gala on Black Friday which in this way will become our greenfriday™
  • Who


    Who is who?
    This register over Nordic Green Art™ nominations & experts will be completed every year.
  • Aim


    With Nordic Green Art™ nominations our ArtAge™ Academy will work for a growing green art market.
  • Navigation


    Navigating the complex art market needs questions and tools which we are developing and offering for Nordic Green Art™.


A Nordic Ecolabel for Art

Nordic Swan is a ecolabel created and accepted for different branches.
Developing such an ecolabel for art seems to be difficult, almost some kind of a mission impossible.

But why?
Because there is a confusion about what ecological art can and should be.
The biggest problem occurs when mixing the expression and message of an art work with the art process.

we put focus on only the art process it will be a little bit more easy to get clearance. But this leads of course to other questions which can become much more provocating:

Can an art work which has no ecological message but is created in an ecological art process get the label?
At the other side: Can an art work which has an ecological message and expression but is created without any practical care for our nature and planet get this label?

Difficult questions, but good tools.
This is what our vision of an ecolabel for art is about.




Together we deliver more than expected :


Supporting the Conference of Nordic Green Art.

Nordisk Kulturfond Sweden

  • 2017

Supporting the Conference of Nordic Green Art.

Svenska Kulturfonden Finland

  • 2018

Teaching art and sculpture for children and students.

Astrid Lindgrens Näs

Supporting the Art Walk Iceland

Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður - Vatnajökull National Park

Supporting the Art Walk Iceland.

The Institute of Gunnar Gunnarsson

Supporting The Moby Dick Project.

Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden

Supporting The Moby Dick Project

Swedish Arts Council

Supporting The Moby Dick Project and The Garden of Stone in Koster Islands Nature Reserve.

Region Västra Götaland

  • 2017 - 2020

Image courtesy and photo support.

Christine Chilcott

Supporting Art Walk Faroe Islands.

Samfundet Sverige-Färöarna

Supporting the price presentation: Young Nordic Green Art™.

Orusts Sparbank

Supporting the price presentation: Young Nordic Green Art™

Henåns Glasmästeri

Supporting the prize: Young Nordic Green Art


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