Exchange of Ideas

Our Long Term Art Thinking is inspired by the Socratic paradox and Questioning.

We have no single right answers, but multiple perspectives.

Our ArtAge™ Academy wants to promote dialogues to create meaning and arrive at answers without one side winning the argument.



In the very beginning of everything there was only our Earth, a planet awakening to life.
But Art was already there shaped as rocks and stones, formations of ice, lava, Nature.

Later when humans were coming they tried to create their own art, in the beginning still deeply rooted in Nature, but later developing more and more independently.
Today this line goes towards some kind of an artificial art. But nevertheless, great art works are still created in the same way as Nature does. An organic flow of natural ideas, fantasy, creativity and empathy.
This is what we mean with our ArtAge™ story.
It is not dependent of any art market but on the condition of human.



We communicate issues or topics which we are working with and ideas we proof.

For the first period we have the following issues:

  • Can an amazing artefact of Nature as Ayers Rock in Australia become accepted by human?
    We look at First Nation art practices and ask the question if and how art can become a beholder protecting and looking after The Land.
  • What is the difference between monumantal land art and iron ore mining in Australia or brown coal opencast mining in Europe?
  • What was the purpose of the great Moai sculptures on the Easter Islands, the Stone ships in the North, the Inuksuk stone sculptures of the Inuit?
  • The art market of the future - vision or illusion?
  • Art is not existing for ever, only as long as there is need for.
    Can you imagine an artist of 2050? What will his CV look like? An art work?


“ What I do not know I do not think I know.” Socrates