Karl Chilcott, RING OF FIRE, Krafla volcano, Iceland 2018.


Art Ecology is our focus.
The Ecological art work is our vision.


We want to support with :


Imagine you have a budget for a public art space and want to order an art work which is sustainable and created with care for our climate and environment.
You also want to involve all maintenance and recycling of the artwork in your decision.

We can help you to get a good base. ArtAge™ Academy is developing a network of experts and scientists who can make your choice safe and rooted in good conscious.

It is not given that a choice of a favour of the art market always means an ecological one.
Art ecological information cannot be found in a CV, but in the description of the art process, the materials, energies and logistics.


Our lecture program involves :

  • Art Footprints.
  • Aesthetic Conquest.
  • Green Washing by scanning Nature.
  • Freedom of Art in a climate change world.


  • Limits unlimited.
    Creating art with limited resources. Explore unlimited possibilities for art in natural situations which you cannot direct or control.
  • Measure your Footprints as an artist.
    Get a feeling for art ecology.
  • Green washing.
    We critically consider the art market and look at different practices of scanning nature for advertising.
  • Honest materials and energies.

Art Walking without Footprints

We follow Richard Long's art practices by art walking outside of anything and experiencing an art process which is human and not.

Honest Materials

We present and discuss alternative materials for art which can reconnect us to Nature, investigate their potential and how a responsible use could look like.


ArtAge™ Academy will edit the newsletter BOOMERANG  nine times a year.

There we will present ecological art works which we think are good and inspiring examples for using the resources of our planet with responsibility and empathy.
We will also communicate open calls, events and commissions which are corresponding to our profile. Every number will have also a special part for experiences and recommendations.