ArtAge™ Academy


ArtAge is based on Karl Chilcott’s own art works & experiences with the whole world as his studio, inspired by philosophical ideas of Bruno, Spinoza, Thoreau and Næss as well.

ArtAge Academy wants to promote and develop a market for ecologically created art:

  • offering and developing art ecological consulting,
  • helping institutions, communities, companies and private investors who want good art created in an ecologically responsible process.
  • involving the whole life time and recycling of an art work.

Nobody who wants to create, order or buy an art work needs to do it without knowledge concerning possible Footprints of the art work.


Creating, ordering & buying art with a clear conscience is our vision!





Topic References

Karl Chilcott
Karl Chilcott
Communicating his art philosophy and work, Chilcott is holding lectures with experiences from art projects in Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and America. He wants to make people feel the spirituality and beauty of our planet via the power of natural spaces and references till cultures in harmony with the environment.
As the founder of Nordic Green Art he is engaged in promoting ecological art practices by consulting and curating.

Karl Chilcott has a university degree, and a PhD. His art studio is on the Swedish West Coast.
He is member of The Royal Society of Sculptors, International Sculpture Center (ISC) and Swedish Artists’ Association.
Giordano Bruno
(1548 - 1600)
Italian, Dominican friar, Renaissance philosopher, mathematician, and poet.
Baruch Spinoza
(1632 - 1677)
Dutch philosopher of Portuguese origin. One of the early thinkers of the Enlightenment.
Henry David Thoreau
(1817 - 1862)
American essayist, poet, and philosopher. A leading transcendentalist, he is best known for his book Walden, a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings.
Arne Næss
(1912 – 2009)
Norwegian philosopher who coined the term "deep ecology" and was an important intellectual and inspirational figure within the environmental movement of the late twentieth century.